noun /əˈdrɛs / (say uh'dres), /ˈædrɛs / (say 'adres)

1. a direction as to name and residence inscribed on a letter, etc.
2. a place where a person lives or may be reached.
3. Computers a number or symbol which identifies a particular register in the memory of a digital computer.
4. a formal speech or writing directed to a person or a group of persons: an address on current problems.
5. manner of speaking to persons; personal bearing in conversation.
6. skilful management; adroitness: to handle a matter with address.
7. (usually plural) attentions paid by a lover; courtship.
8. Obsolete preparation.
verb (t) /əˈdrɛs / (say uh'dres)
9. to direct for delivery; put a direction on: to address a letter.
10. to make a formal speech to: the leader addressed the assembly.
11. to speak to (someone who holds an official position, such as a judge, governor-general, etc.), using their formal title: he began his speech by addressing the governor-general.
12. to direct to the ear or attention: to address a warning to someone.
13. to deal with (a problem, question, etc.): these are the issues you should address in your essay.
14. to pay court to; woo; court.
15. Golf to adjust and apply the club to (the ball) in preparing for a stroke.
16. Obsolete to give direction to; aim.
17. Obsolete to prepare.
verb (i) /əˈdrɛs / (say uh'dres) Obsolete
18. to make an appeal.
19. to make preparations.
20. address oneself to,
a. to apply in speech to: she addressed herself to the president.
b. to direct one's attention or energy to: he addressed himself to the work in hand.
{Middle English addresse(n), from French adresser, earlier adrecier, from Latin ad to + dīrectus straight}
addresser, addressor, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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